The CNP, created in 1991 by the Electronic Media Act, is an independent institution, which advises the Luxembourg government about the surveillance of the audiovisual media, which have a Luxembourg license. The main mission of the CNP is to monitor the rules and regulations stipulated in the terms and conditions of the Act. It is also the duty of the CNP to define the proposals for well-balanced socio-cultural programmes and to further the interests of citizens in relation to broadcasting matters.

The Electronic Media Act lays down the main missions of the CNP:

  • The CNP has to ensure that the legal and regulatory principles set by the Luxembourg legislation are respected by the broadcasting stations e.g. respect for human dignity or protection of minors and of minorities.
  • Everybody, a private person or an organisation, has the right to complain to the CNP, when he feels offended by the content of a programme. Once the complaint is received, the CNP Executive will analyse it and will come to a conclusion.
  • The CNP ensures that political diversity is respected.
  • The CNP makes its own independent stance concerning the Luxembourg Communication Policy as well as concerning the bill regarding the content of the programmes.
  • The CNP takes the initiative for projects in the media sector by organising conferences about media education, audiovisual policy, etc. Furthermore, the CNP, in collaboration with the University of Trier, has carried out various studies about the audiovisual media sector in Luxembourg.

Campagne de sensibilisation 2009 (Lëtzebuergesch)

Campagne de sensibilisation 2009 (Français)

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