The board – Structure

The CNP is composed of 24 members, nominated for 5 years, representing the main social and cultural organisations in Luxembourg.

Members of the Executive Board

Members of the Content Board


List of the represented Organisations

  • Representatives of the officially recognised religions
  • Parliamentary group of the CSV
  • Parliamentary group of the LSAP
  • Parliamentary group of the DP
  • Parliamentary group of the Déi Greng
  • OGB-L (Union)
  • LCGB (Union)
  • CGFP (Union)
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • National Women’s Council
  • Chamber of Trade
  • Chamber of Agriculture
  • Actioun Lëtzebuergesch Eis Sprooch (Luxembourg Author’s Committee)
  • UGDA
  • ULC (Luxembourg Consumer Association)
  • C.O.S.L. (National Olympic Committee)
  • AFP (Action Familiale et Populaire) (Organisation for family rights)
  • Foyer de la Femme (Organisation for Women’s rights)
  • Conférence Générale de la Jeunesse (General Youth Conference)
  • Amiperas (Committee for the elderly)
  • Comité de Liaison et d’Action des Etrangers (CLAE) (Liaison Committee for Foreigners)
  • Croix-Rouge / Caritas (Red Cross)
  •  Natur&Emwelt asbl
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